Saturday, November 4, 2017

Guide Me

When my daughter was younger she and I went to a corn maze one beautiful fall day. 

It was in response to an advertisement that I heard talking about how the corn maze was a fun and family centered activity that all ages would enjoy, (plus I knew they had the best cider and donuts around, so we went.)

When we got there it was an amazing fall day and at first glance the advertisement was right on, everywhere I looked I saw families having fun and enjoying themselves, and my daughter and I were joining right in (especially when my donuts arrived).

Everything was great that is until we entered the maze. This is where the fun stopped in a shrieking halt! I say shrieking because that's exactly what my 2 year old daughter and I heard around every corner of this HAUNTED CORN MAZE!

Yep, that was a little detail the advertisers apparently forgot to include, and it was a little detail that we picked up on pretty quickly especially when the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein and the headless horsemen went cruising by us!

Serena was freaked out and so was I...well actually I think I was more mad than I was scared because I felt duped and swindled and now my little girl is going to need therapy or something because of the fun "daddy date" that I brought on her on...nice!

Well, while we were in the maze we kept trying to get the attention of the "guide" who was sitting high above the maze supposedly looking out for lost and confused (and in our case terrified) maze goers so he could give instructions on which way to go to navigate through and hopefully OUT of the maze.

I saw the guide plain as day but the only problem was that the guide didn't see or hear or even pay any attention to me at all! Maybe it was because he was too high up, or the screams were too loud or maybe the wolf man costume he was wearing was too constricting or whatever, but the reality was that Serena and I were on our own and if we were going to make it out "alive" we needed to choose and choose wisely.

Well, much like many of the illustrations I've given over the years God used this one in a very vivid fashion to get me thinking about things like...what do I base my decisions on? and How do I deal with tough things in life when it seems like I'm on my own (knowing full well that I am never alone because unlike the wolf man "guide" in the maze, Jesus is in plain view and ready and willing to step in and help me choose wisely.)

Choosing wisely between things like honesty and dishonesty, forgiveness and bitterness or kindness or cruelty are just a few of the areas that we all need to take time and make choices based on God's way.

By the way, we made it out of the maze, grabbed a couple more donuts and a jug of cider, prayed together and went to Chucky Cheese for the rest of our daddy date. It was a mad house as usual, and didn't have any I began to wonder what I would do for future daddy dates if Chucky Cheese is one choice and a Haunted Corn maze is the other.

Hmm, I think that would be a tie! And I'm more thankful than ever, that in the "Haunted Corn Maze" of life, my Guide (Jesus) tells it like it is and never leaves or forsakes!

"The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life to the full! John 10:10

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