Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lead or Lead?

Many years ago, I began my Master's Degree studies in the field of Organizational Leadership. The first class in that program was called "Philosophy of Leadership."

I found it interesting then, and still to this day agree that a person's philosophy shapes who they are and drives where they're going.

My personal philosophy of leadership comes from an understanding that leadership involves a lifelong process of developing skills and abilities necessary for becoming the most successful leader I can be. I need to keep learning and growing if I’m going to effectively influence and mobilize people to accomplish mutually accepted goals. Leadership is a huge, seemingly indefinable concept, but the acrostic below captures the key points of my personal philosophy of leadership.

To be actively applying my personal philosophy of leadership I need to be…

L – Learning (constantly staying sharp and teachable)
E – Empowering Others (developing and applying an “expand the team” mentality)
A – Accountable (collaborating with and being challenged by others)
D – Dependable (staying true to my goals and my team)
E – Enthusiastically Casting Vision (believing in and rallying support for future change)
R – Resourceful (assessing situations and applying techniques with the tools that I have)
S – Servant Minded (looking to put others’ needs ahead of my own)
H – Humble (remembering that my gifts come from God)
I – Integrating a lifestyle of Integrity (applying the phrase “Who am I when no one sees?”)
P – Purposeful (focusing on mutually accepted goals)

What is your philosophy of leadership? What is it based on? What is the driving force behind why you do what you do? What has helped shape you into the person you are today?

Lead and Lead are both spelled the same way but have drastically different definitions. My prayer is that I would be used to help propel others forward not weigh them down.

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