Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tarnished trophies?

A while ago I took a trip down memory lane as I was visiting my home town. I had some time to kill, so I visited some places that hold a special place in my memories.

I'm talking about The Little League, Babe Ruth and Thorne Street Basketball parks in my old stomping grounds of the booming metropolis of Horseheads, NY.

Three parks that bring back so many memories every time I just drive by, and now this time I actually got out and walked around, and observed the very places that my brother and I along with many friends spent tons of hours growing up.

I remembered some of the pep talks I received in the dugout, as well as some of the trash talk I dolled out on the court. Those were good times, good times for sure.

As I strolled down memory lane though, I realized that the things that motivated my energies and efforts of 25-30 years ago, have failed to materialize for me, I mean I was like every other kid playing and working on those fields.

I wanted to make it to the big time, make lots of cash, drive a nice car, live in a huge house, and be famous. The bottom line really was that I wanted to be known, and remembered for being the best!

What I've realized since then is that when it's all said and done what really matters is who we're living for...Ourselves or God?

Trophies will tarnish, rewards will fade, and accolades will become empty...but a life lived for God and His purposes is what it's all about.

Who are you living for?

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