Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I wrote this post several years ago and the concept of using my time wisely is still one of the main themes I wrestle with every about you?

Tonight I'm sitting in a Motel 6 in Philadelphia, PA (they left the light on for me), looking over some of my notes and various teaching materials as I get ready to engage in the Missions Forum at Eastern University.

I'm a long way from the Masai Mara and the peaceful Acacia Trees that I saw on my safari in Kenya last year, but as I sit here and work through all the things I have to do, my mind is transported back to the slow pace, and tranquil setting I experienced on the Mara, and I'm reminded of how important focused quiet time is.

As I was thinking about this truth I came across a video clip that puts our time on this earth in perspective.

We've got a certain amount that has been allocated to us, and our Maker alone knows the details. The whole idea of investing our time wisely for God's purposes has always been a driving force in my life, and as I watched this video that I've used tons of times over the years, I was reminded again at how I so frequently put other things at the top of my priority list.

Our time is short, we know that yet so many times the things that seem important to us at the time, take precedent in our lives and crowd out what we should be doing in it's place.

Our quiet times need to be at the top of our lists, that's where we power up, get renewed and encouraged and begin to realize things from God's perspective.

I love this video clip, because even though it's funny, and very true, it's also a stark reminder that without a meaningful relationship with my Savior, that involves daily periods of quiet reflection and insights from His word, I'm on the fast track to nothingness in terms of the things that really matter...Lives Changed because of Jesus.

What's #1 in your life? You've only got 40 million minutes on average...How are you using them?

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