Thursday, August 18, 2016

Watching over you

I came across this entry from a couple of years ago...I'm so thankful that no matter what God is watching over us...

Just sitting at the desk in my office listening to the rain outside, and enjoying the peaceful sounds that it brings.

The kids are fast asleep, my wife just came in and said goodnight all is good in the Carl household.

As I'm sitting here, listening and reflecting I came across a song that God used to speak volumes into my life 10 years ago. It has always amazed me how God mixes things up when He tries to get my attention...many times over the years He has used the lyrics of a song to just nail me head on with a truth He has wanted to give me and tonight was one of those nights all over again.

Ten years ago was a huge milestone for me personally and in my ministry as well. I had just completed my 1st decade of full time ministry and that same year my first child was welcomed into this world.

I found myself in a very interesting time as on the one hand I was becoming very comfortable with my "craft" as a Youth Pastor but on the other hand I felt incredibly overwhelmed with the fact that I was now a father!

It was as if I found myself in a tornado of feelings and thoughts and say the least it was an awesome as well as very stressful time for me.

Well, as usual God in His infinitely impeccable timing sent the song "Watching over you" by Phil Joel to speak directly to my soul. I encourage you to click on the link and listen to the song... it's my prayer that the truth that is proclaimed through the lyrics speaks volumes to you.

No matter where we are, God is watching over us!

The timeless truths of God's Word either read directly or sometimes captured in some other creative way have a powerful effect on me when I stop, focus, get rid of distractions and have an open heart to listen to the truth God has for about you today?

Are you setting some time aside at night, in the morning, during your commute or whenever?

He's waiting for you, and no matter what, He's watching over you!

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