Friday, March 21, 2014

Old School

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime, I thought that I was safe, but apparently I was wrong.

Being born in the late 60's, living my childhood in the 70's, and being a teen in the 80's all before the age of instant everything (especially photography) I thought I was safe, but again, I was terribly wrong.

One day out of the blue, like a lightning bolt from the past I got a Facebook message that I needed to check out some old pictures from the camp I grew up attending as a child and spent every summer in my teen years on staff as well. Old School pics were now on the internet for all to see.

It was funny scrolling through the photos and laughing at the hairstyles and clothes and Miami Vice suit jackets...I was an absolute dork in those days, but the interesting thing is that I didn't see it that way at all.

Upon looking at the pics I immediately listed my Facebook status as "Brent is realizing all over again that I'm not cool anymore...and according to the camp pics that were posted, It's quite possible I never was."

Anyway, looking at those pics reminded me of some incredible times and also of many of the life changing and direction changing decisions that I made at that place surrounded by friends.

It was pretty amazing to stop and think and process all that I've been through, and what was going on in my life during those summers.

I was dealing with stuff that those guys knew nothing about, and if only I knew then what I know now about how important things like seeking support and encouragement in relationships really are, I just wonder if I could have avoided alot of inner pain.

My teen years were definitely difficult, and full of questions and doubts. As I kept scrolling I kept thinking of all the wrestling with God that I did on the shores of that tiny lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of NY.

In many ways it was as if my life then was being lived in the wilderness. I was between Canaan and Egypt, kind of wandering and wondering, about God, His Son, The Church, His people, my place within all of it and just basically who I was and why I was here?

Now looking back I can add some more questions...what was I thinking and why was I wearing that?

Thanks to some super grainy snapshots from the past, I was able to flash back to some tough and terrific times all at once. God brought me through the wilderness then, and I'm so glad that when I start to pack my bags and pitch my tent back in it, He uses things from the Old School to bring me back to the present that He is God, and He's still at work!

My prayer is that whether you're in the Old School or the New School, you would realize that every journey has a wilderness...but God doesn't want you to build your house there, keep moving forward with the Master Navigator!

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