Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, we're in the second week of Advent at our church, and for me it's always been a great time of preparation for the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus.

I love the symbolism and deep meaning of each of the elements of advent...the wreath is circular and evergreen reminding us us of the unending always alive nature of God. The purple candles remind us of the need for penitence and introspection which will ultimately lead to humility and repentance, but they also remind us of the royalty that our God is comprised of.

The rose colored candle that we light on week three is a great reminder that joy and celebration are coming, and really help to get us in the festive mood because the days of darkness are almost over with the coming of our King.

I love all of that symbolism because it helps me focus and gives me perspective, but this morning as I was getting ready to lead our advent moment at church I was reminded all over again of not just a symbol or reminder of a great Christmas insight, but of an incredible truth that has always boggled my mind.

The name Emmanuel is what it was said that He would be called...Emmanuel, God with us!

That really hit me again this morning as I thought about that power packed meaning.

God - Holy, Perfect, Loving, Just, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Infinite, Indescribable!

With - Alive, Active, Powering, Interested, Empathizing, Involved, Earth, Continent, Country, State, City, Town, Neighborhood, House, Life!

Us - Sinful, selfish, flawed, finite, rebellious, prone to wander, Human!

Wow, that's amazing to me when I stop and realize what Emmanuel really means...God sent His Son to be with us! I'm praising Him for that truth today.

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