Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is Christmas

I'm deep into my annual reflection and pondering of what Christmas is all about, why we celebrate it each year and basically what difference it makes...and as usual I'm reminded all over again that without Christmas there would be no Easter, and without Easter there would be no salvation!

I love Christmas, that goes without saying but I also love the fact that this season is really the pre-season for what would come next in the life of Jesus on earth and what that would mean for every person for the rest of eternity...including me!

So, as I continue to prepare my heart and mind for another incredible Christmas Season, it's with an eye towards the celebration of the fact that my Savior not only lived 2000 years ago, but is alive and well in my life today!

This song by Kutless is a great encouragement to me and asks an awesome question that I'm thinking about this season..."What is Christmas without Christ?"

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