Sunday, September 13, 2015

Me & Jesus...

Several years ago as I was on a plane heading to Malaysia I had a lot of time on my hands (25 hours of flight time to be exact). So I watched a few movies, followed the in flight map, tried to sleep and gorged myself with succulent airline cuisine.

The whole time I kept thinking about the pain and hardship that the people of the world are faced with as a result of poor choices that are made without guidance, input, advice and especially the standard of God's Word.

I had also been wondering why God led me to get involved in the prison ministry like he had, when all of my ministry involvement over the years had been with young people, and as I was 30,000 feet in the air somewhere in Russian airspace it hit me.

God had me working with hardcore prisoners so I could catch a glimpse of what hurt, pain, hardship and loneliness is all about. That glimpse not only captivated my heart and inspired me to share God's truth with them, it also allowed me to share those insights with youth leaders around the globe of how critical their role in the lives of their young people really is.

Then as I was sitting there making this connection in my mind, a song by the band Stellar Kart came on my mp3 player. It's called "Me and Jesus" and it helped to solidify the reason behind why God had me doing what I was doing during those days...He had me involved in rubbing shoulders with people who needed to know that even at the lowest point in their lives, they were not alone, they've got "me" (a friend) and Jesus.

I was there as best as I could be but that was and will always be pretty fragile...Jesus on the other hand, is solid...He'll always be there for them.

Who are you rubbing shoulders with that needs to hear that you're there for them, and even more...Jesus is there for them?

A kind word, a loving gesture, a helping hand...who knows what God can do with our "meager offering". I'm pretty sure we all have people in our lives that could use a reminder today that "through it all, through the fight you will never be alone don't you know you've got me and Jesus."

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