Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Doubt About It

A few years ago I was going through a difficult period in my life and God did what He likes to do a lot in my relationship with Him; He started bringing back memories of the times He showed Himself real in my life. 

He brought back memories of times when He went beyond the everyday supplier that He is, and sent some “no doubt” kinds of things my way so that I could see clearly that He is God, He loves me, He has a plan for me and he will provide for me, and my family!

The examples that he brought to mind were of His provision and affirmation that He is faithful and true in every situation even if it doesn't necessarily make sense.

Here are three times in the fairly recent past that He showed up and left no doubt that He is in control and cares for me and my family.

1. 1992 Subaru SVX – The very car I was driving in 2008 was a gift…sure it was 16 years old and had over 200,000 miles on it, but it was an awesome gift, that God sent at just the right time. My wife and I really believed that God was moving and wanted us to become missionaries, we were working on getting rid of some debt so I sold my 2000 Grand AM to pay some bills.

We thought one car would work, and after like 2 days realized that it was not reality for us. So I asked a friend of mine who deals in cars to keep his eyes open for me, and I told him how much I had to work with.

Well, after about a week of looking based on my meager budget he basically told me that there wasn’t anything out there for what I could afford.Then he said “Brent, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you sell your Grand Am? That was a nice car.” I hadn’t announced to my church yet that I was leaving to become a missionary, so I asked if he could keep it under his hat until I told the church, and proceeded to tell him what God was doing in my life, and that I believed He was calling me to become a missionary.

He was a little surprised by that as he processed what he had just heard. Then he said “let me get this straight, you’re going to have to raise support, and live on faith that whatever people send in each month is going to be enough to provide for your family?” I said, “Yes, that’s right.”

He then said “wait here a minute, I’ll be right back…about 5 minutes later he returned with a piece of paper and a set of keys and said “here, this is my way of supporting your ministry…here’s the title and keys to a car!” Now not only was this a car, it was his favorite little sports car, the one he babied, spruced up and personally took care of…God provided, No doubt about it!

2. 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan – Sure it had 156,000 miles on it and was 10 years old, but just like the Subaru it was a gift. A gift from some missionary friends after our 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan was totaled in a car accident that was a miracle in itself. Every Scar Tells a Story, chronicles that one. God protected, No doubt about it!

3. Mission House – Upon announcing our resignation from our church and new adventure in missions, the reality of having enough money to pay the mortgage on our house began to settle in.

A few months into the support raising process a friend of mine from college, who is the Senior Pastor of a church where we lived contacted me and said, “Brent, we're excited about what you and your family are doing in this missions calling, and our church would like to help in some way. We aren’t taking on any new missionaries right now but we do have a house that is available for you guys to live in while you raise support…RENT FREE! God supplied, No doubt about it!

I could go on and list many more examples of His faithfulness to us, but the bottom line for me is that God is with us and knows what He’s doing. He is powering our lives, and will continue to power it.

In a world filled with broken promises and disappointing situations I'm so glad that He's a promise keeping God who was, is and always will be in control. No doubt about it!


  1. Amazing how when we look back at all the times God made provisions for us and showed Himself to us in real oractical ways, all our small daily struggles dissipate. Thanks for your blogs! I always enjoyed your messages. They speak to my heart.
    Cindy Salotto

    1. Thanks Cindy! You are so right, it puts everything in perspective doesn't it? I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!
      God bless,