Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Have you ever thought about what is most important to you? I mean what is the #1 top priority in your life? If you could sum up your life into a value statement that speaks volumes to others, what would it be?

I remember one time taking my youth group to the cemetery to get scratchings from the tomb stones of statements that were spelled out on the graves. Statements that summed up people’s lives.

It was a low budget event that’s for sure, but wow what a powerful time we had comparing the words that people used to put their years of existence into perspective for others that came along after them.

There were some great statements like, “she loved her family”, “he was a loving father”, “she followed God”, and many others that spoke directly about what kind of person he or she was, and what they valued in life.

However, there was one that really struck me as kind of hollow in terms of a spiritual legacy that was taken from the largest tomb in the cemetery. It was a gigantic statue that towered above all the rest, and in very ornate and extremely beautiful letters it said “HE WAS A MAN OF INDUSTRY!”

Hmm, what does that even mean? We debated about it for quite a while, and couldn’t really come up with a solid definition of what that would mean in terms we would understand. It was kind of confusing for us, which led us into an incredible discussion about whether we are living a life of purposeful clarity or purposeless ambiguity.

It caused our group to really grapple with what really matters in life. Now I’m sure that the people of that town benefitted in some way from the legacy of industry that this guy brought to them, but in God’s eyes, and in his “economy” what really matters most…Industry or Life Change?

God used that  trip to the cemetery to help me process what I hope and pray is always the most important thing to me…God’s Kingdom Expanding through life change that only comes through the forgiving power of Jesus!

He needs to be number one in our lives, not a team, rock band, car, house or relationship. Jesus and Jesus alone needs to be driving our lives.

If Jesus is truly driving my life, then I think the statement that I’d like to be known for would go something like this…”Jesus drove his life…He rode Shotgun!

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