Sunday, October 28, 2012


Before I became a Pastor I was a school teacher and a coach, and in many ways I’ve always viewed my ministry career as kind of a continuation of my coaching mindset, and I guess it never really has gotten out of my system.

One of the half-time speeches that I will never forget took place half way through a basketball game that my team was playing in name only, their bodies and spirits had failed to show up, and my coaches and I were getting more and more irked at their lack of effort as the first half minutes ticked away.

The team we were playing was one that we had beaten twice earlier in the season, and was one that we were clearly better than. As the buzzer rang, I was not happy, my coaches were not happy and every fan in the building was mad as well.

As we walked into the locker room I was headed off by one of my players, who in essence said to me and the other coaches, “don’t worry coach, I’ll take care of this half time speech, you and the other coach’s just stay out here.”

I looked at the rest of my team and we all nodded our heads in agreement, and said “ok, do your thing.”

What happened next was truly an amazing feat, as for the next 15 minutes or so all we could hear was the passion filled voice of one the most passionate players I ever had the opportunity to coach. You see he wasn’t the best basketball player in the world, but his outlook on defense was one of a football player, to say the least he was intense!

The reason he approached basketball with a football players mentality was because that’s exactly who he was, a football player, and a very very good one at that. He was the school’s star running back, and I kept him on the basketball team for one reason (so I thought) and that was to play defense, but after that halftime speech, I automatically knew the other reason I kept him on…Inspiration!

The essence of his speech was “leave it all on the floor, don’t take anything for granted, one day you’ll look back on this moment and you will be filled with regrets. What if I had played harder? What if I didn’t just go through the motions?…Leave it all on the floor, NO REGRETS!”

Well, halftime was over, we went back out there to play the second half and wow what a difference I saw in my players. They played with a passion and a desire that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and leading the pack was none other than the player who had delivered the half time speech. He was leading by example.

That player went on to play division one football and eventually was drafted into the NFL, but I will always remember his half time passion, and 2nd half example of No Regrets.

Half Time has always been one of my favorite times as a coach, because I love to inspire and challenge others towards making changes and getting back out there to accomplish great things.

As I think about coaching and inspiration and challenging others a few thoughts come to my mind that make it not only easier to inspire but make it believable.

Some of the best speeches in history have come from people who have delivered them from a deep seated belief that the ones they are challenging actually have a chance to accomplish great things and win!

It's not enough to talk a good game, and go through the motions. We need to believe it internalize it and let the fact God is powering our lives take root and propel us forward.

Who are you going to inspire? Who are you going to come alongside and speak truth into their lives? I believe God wants us all the jump in the "locker room" and deliver a passion filled, life changing, inspiration filled challenge to anyone who will listen.

Be inspirational and watch God do some amazing things in you and everyone else.

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  1. Wow - Loved the "twist" and needed the challenge ! Thanks Brent.