Tuesday, October 30, 2012

By Your Side

Samaritan’s Purse is an international Relief agency that strives to be there for the “least of these” when war, famine, natural disasters and whatever else befalls the world’s neediest people strikes and strikes hard.

Whether it be children who need heart transplants in countries that don’t have the technology, SP responds with the “Children's Heart Project”, or when disasters like Katrina, Tsunami, and Typhoons hit SP Relief and Development teams are often among the first to be there by the side of the victims with supplies and the love of Christ.

With the recent catastrophe that Hurricane Sandy has brought to the Northeast and beyond, it's so great to have the dedicated team from Samaritan's Purse on the scene to help bring relief in the name of Jesus.

The World Medical Mission is there by sending Physicians into some of the most impoverished and devastated areas of the world, and Operation Christmas Child is hard at work all year round mobilizing and inspiring people to give shoebox gifts, which are really power packed gospel opportunities that are launched into countries and into the hands of children who may only get one gift in their lifetime!

To say the least, I have been blown away by what Samaritan’s Purse is doing around the globe to strategically empower national leaders to “earn the right to be heard” in their culture and on their turf.

These leaders are then asked the question “why did you do this for me?” and the answer they are able to give is “because God’s love for you is free!” I love that!

I want to encourage you that whatever it is that you are going through these days. God hasn’t forgotten about you, He loves you and has an incredible plan for you.
It may not seem like it right now as the storms of life are rocking your world, but please know that God is right there with you…By your side!


  1. Hi Brent ! How the Lord has not wasted one single thing that He has brought into your life. Your international experiences of the past few years has truly equipped you for the international interactions you are now experiencing. Mama Gump and her Spirit-led prayer, the words of the song, all remind me of our ladies' Bible study at True where we are studying Esther, and even though God seems to be absent (at least by name) He is right there by her side and He promises the same for us - even when we can't see, feel or hear Him - He is there - by our sides !!! Thanks again for sharing great insight and encouragement with all of us.

  2. brent,

    you are such an inspiration to me. awesome writing and God is definately using you for some powerful things.