Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With God...No Translator Needed

On Sunday at my church we continued the series we've been doing all summer on the book of Joshua. It's been a really cool series for me personally as I reflect on all that God brought Joshua and the people he was called to lead through, over, and around on their way to conquering and possessing the promise God had for them.

Themes of Courageous Faith, Deep Forgiveness, Difficult Consequences, and Incredible Restoration have been evident throughout the series to this point, and it's been a lot of fun discovering application points together.

Well, chapter 10 is where we found ourselves on Sunday and the main theme of the message was that no matter who we are, where we're from, what we've been through or any other potential barrier we might seek to erect in our lives...God is still God, and still doing whatever it takes to let us know that He loves us!

At the end of the message we watched the video "How Great is our God" World edition and it was so great to realize that one of the barriers we often have in communication (language) is no barrier whatsoever to our Great Big God!

It's so true that when God is involved...No Translator is needed, whether it's Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Zulu or Mandarin...a little "barrier" like language - No Problem with God!

It makes me wonder what other barriers we often put up that limit our concept of God are no problem either!

How Great is Your God? Mine? INFINITE!

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