Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Be the Church

On Sunday morning at the end of the message titled "Being the Church" which is part one of the new series we're doing on the book of Acts, we showed this very powerful video clip. It is my personal prayer as well as my prayer for the church that we get uncomfortable, get ready, get out there, get plugged in and get our hands dirty for the cause of Christ!

People need to life saving message that we have to offer and it's time to stop making excuses and BE THE CHURCH.

This firehouse has forgotten what a firefighter does and the mission in which a firehouse exists...we're the church, we've got a mission, we've got the equipment, we've got the resources, we've got the Spirit of the Lord, we've got the Risen Savior, we've got the Holy and Just Father...

The bell is ringing...Let's Roll!