Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm beginning a 2 week series at church called "Amazing!" where we're going to look at 2 different encounters that Jesus had that left the people speechless, awestruck, astounded and downright Amazed at what they saw with their own eyes.

The encounters are both pretty familiar stories and we're going to look at what He did but I want to bring out the fact that Jesus not only did amazing things while He was on earth, He does amazing things every day.

 Often times we're too busy or too distracted or pre-occupied or whatever to see it and make changes in our lives.

In the two encounters Jesus amazed the onlookers but He also gave the recipient of the miracle a mission to tell others of their direction altering encounter.

When I get to heaven I would love to meet these two guys (among many others in the Bible) and find out how their amazing encounter with the Savior changed them spiritually and what God did through their lives for the rest of their days on earth. That's amazing to me as well!

Jesus did amazing things, but did He heal everyone He came in contact with? NO

He didn't come to earth to just do some cool special effects, He came to seek and to save the lost! Why?

So we could be restored and reconciled to Him and live eternally but also experience life to the fullest here on earth!

I'm looking forward to Sunday for many reasons, but one of the reasons is because we're going to worship the Creator, the one who is "Mighty to Save."

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