Monday, November 17, 2008

O Praise Him

O Praise Him
By: The David Crowder Band

Turn your ear To Heaven and hear the noise inside
The sound of angels awe The sound of angels songs
And all this for a King We could join and sing 'All for Christ our King!'

How constant How divine This song of ours will rise
Oh, how constant How divine This love of ours will rise Will rise...

CHORUS: Ohh praise Him! Ohh praise Him! He is Holy! He is Holy!

Turn your gaze To Heaven and raise A joyous noise
Oh the sound of salvation come The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a king Angels join to sing 'All for Christ our King!'

How infinite and sweet This love so rescuing
Oh how infinitely sweet This great love that has redeemed As one, we sing...

Hallelujah, Hallelujah He is Holy, He is Holy


  1. Thanks Brent for this reminder from David the Shepherd Boy and David Crowder !! At our Bible study last time, Beth said something about putting her David Crowder CD on and praising the Lord. It brought back memories of September 2003 being at Spring Hill in South Berwick for Higher Ground A Day of Worship that the team at Grace Community put together and I heard David Crowder for the first time. And I worshipped the Lord with the David Crowder Band and hundreds of others. It was a powerful time of praise to the King of Kings ! I saw your post in my email last night and read over the words before going to bed and this morning opened the blog to see the GodTube video to go with it. Thanks brother !

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for the comment...I love this song as well, and everytime I hear it I remember worshipping with about 3000 youth leaders in Pittsburg, PA and just being blown away with the greatness of our God!
    I hope you guys are doing well, I'm going to be in NH (Spofford) in January speaking at a weekend retreat. I know it's a ways away from you guys but I sure would appreciate your prayers (as you continue to hold us up like I know you do!)Thanks Sharon, tell Ron & the family I said hello, and thanks again for your encouragement and support!