Monday, September 1, 2008


Every night before we tuck our kids into bed either my wife or I will sing them a lullaby.

For those who know us well, you know that the singing gifts in the Carl family have definitely gone to my wife.

She has an amazing voice that she uses for God's glory, and has done so for many years, therefore her lullaby's put mine to shame!

I knew that would be the case, so I had to be creative more in the lyric department than the sound quality department with my kids... when I first heard the song "Irene" by Toby Mac in 2001, I knew I had to add the chorus into my repertoire with my baby girl.

Serena was born in 2000 and every night when I'm home I sing a portion of this song to her before I kiss her goodnight. It's become part of what I do with her, and as I came across this video clip recently it reminded me not only of how much I love my daughter, but also about one of the things I find myself doing alot these days...Being a voice of hope to those who have either lost it, or are on the verge of going there.

This song is all about how God knows us, loves us and sticks with us through thick and thin. I encourage you to pay close attention to the lyrics of the song...especially the section below...

Hush little baby, don't you cry, Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby, Everything's gonna be alright, The Lord's gonna answer your prayers tonight. Hush little baby, don't you cry, Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby, Everything's gonna be alright, The Lords gonna answer your prayers...I love this song not only because it's a great lullaby. I love it because too many times I'm like Irene. I make mistakes, I feel lost and alone and these days especially for some reason, God is bringing opportunity after opportunity to speak truth and hope into lives that are broken, and in desperate need of an epiphany for some and a reminder for others, that Jesus knows them, loves them, hasn't forgotten about them, and has an incredible plan for them.

Irene I carried you when you were too weak to walk. I took to you when you gave your heart to God. Faithful and True, that's what I'll always be to you, Believe in you, Believe in Me, and these mountains have to move.

You have dreams and aspirations, I knew you before creation, Your foundation is solid, I will build you a palace, restore your soul You'll be up for any challenge, Many storms are on the way better sharpen you faith, Count the cost, take up your cross and wear it everyday Rest in Me and I will give you strength Blessed is she, Irene who seeks my face.
I don't know what you're facing, and what you're up against, but I truly believe everything is gonna be all right, the Lord's gonna answer your prayer...

Time to go tuck in my kids, guess what I'm singing tonight!

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  1. Dude you can sing! but Bonnie does have you beat. lol. i love that song Irene, i can relate to it in so many levels. Just keep looking up and God will be there. everything happens for a reason even if we will know know why down the rode.