Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daddy Date

Tonight I had a great time with my daughter on a daddy date. Since our kids were very young, my wife and I have regularly taken both of them out for a special treat with some one on one time with mommy or daddy.

Tonight, my wife took my son and I had the privilege of spending time with my little girl. I was thinking of the many daddy dates over the years, and reminiscing about how they've gotten progressively more about what she wants and less about what I want, which is pretty cool.

I mean early on when she was a baby, and even a toddler our daddy dates would consist of a stop at Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks for some much needed caffination for me, and as my daughter kept growing it would include a walk through the mall, a trip to Toys R Us and of course a swing through DQ on the way home.

Tonight was different though, it was pretty amazing when Serena said what she wanted to do for our daddy date. I'll admit I was hoping for something like Outback Steakhouse or Bugaboo Creek, but not this time. Even though her tastes have evolved in her 8 and a half years on this earth, she didn't come back with any of my hopefuls for our date...nope, when asked what she wanted to do for her daddy date she said "I'd like to go to the library!"

It was one of the statements that just spoke volumes about my girl and the kind of character she has, and it really is an attribute that she gets from her mommy that's for sure. She is so sweet, and kind and deeply spiritual. She is just like my wife, and I am so blessed!

In fact in so many ways my daughter is like Bonnie and my son is just like's funny how it works like that some times.

Serena seems very concerned about the future, and Ethan is just the opposite, he lives in the now, and definitely grabs all he can out of every moment.

As I sat there in the library and just watched my daughter read, and thought about how far she has come, and what an amazing future she has before her, I just thanked God for His blessings, and asked Him to continue to lead and guide and protect her.

Now those that know me well, know that probably the last place I'd want to be is in the library. In fact I rarely darkened the doors of those hallowed halls in high school and in college, except for when I was trusting God for a deeper kind of relationship with a girl and I literally prayed that He would lead me to a library girl. Once I actually found the library and went in, boom there she was, and the rest is history!

That was then and this is now, and I'm telling you I had a blast sitting and watching my little girl engrossed in a book. Funny how things change.

As I was sitting there though I had to laugh as I thought about a recent update that my wife wrote to some friends that contrasts the difference between my's what she said...

To Our Friends and Family,
Hi Everyone! I know it's been a long time since I sent an update. Hopefully this one will make it worth the wait - (truth is stranger than fiction sometimes).

First...the family.... Some of you may not know that Serena broke her ankle a week before school started.
She was climbing on the counter to reach our extremely high cupboards, and fell off. And she wasn't even going for anything exciting...just Saltine crackers.
She now has her cast off, and is getting used to walking around without it.

Ethan is loving school. He's such a social butterfly.
The other day, he asked Brent if he could have a "chicken breath" sandwich for lunch.

There is such a big difference between him and Serena. She asked Brent, "When am I going to be old enough to go on missions trips with you?" A second later, Ethan asked, "when am I going to be old enough to play lazer tag?"

Recently, Serena was discussing something very deep and spiritual. At the same time, Ethan was eating a fortune cookie. He pulled the little paper out and said, "oh, look! My lucky numbers!"

It still amazes me how God puts us together. He knows our likes and dislikes, our personality and spiritual gifts. He knows the whole package, in fact he designed us, for His purposes. We're all different, and that's the way it's supposed to be. God is the Master Designer, for that I am truly thankful.

My prayer is that my kids would continue to learn and grow and see God at work in and through them as they progress through life, and that each of us would do the same.
God isn't into cookie cutters, He's into variety, and what He's making is top notch!

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  1. What a privilege to raise our kids as Dad's, huh? Thanks for sharing your experiences with "Daddy Dates". These help us develop a unique relationship with our kids that, when they reach those typical "difficult years", this relationship will be there to weather the storms. Way to go!