Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's My King

Several years ago I had a conversation with some skaters at our weekly skater event called Hang Time. They were asking some good questions about God, Christians and the Church.

It was so cool to sit on a ramp with a slice of pizza and a bunch of very inquisitive skater dudes whose interest had been peaked by this church not only welcoming them with open arms, but actually building them a park, arranging for them to have unlimited access to their gym, game room, and sound equipment...then on top of all that making it a "fee-less" entry policy and even giving them free food and drinks.

They couldn't believe it, and every week it gave my youth leaders and I incredible opportunities to answer my favorite question that we got posed with all the time..."Why do you do all this for us for free?" It gave us such an open door to answer their question with my favorite answer, "because God's love for you is free!"

So as I was sitting there doing ministry with my tools in hand, I got a chance to respond to another statement that was a regular one that we fielded. One of the skaters said, "Brent, I would follow God if I could understand everything there was to know about Him."

Think about that for a second. "If I could understand everything there is to know about God...then I would follow Him."

I thought about that, took another bite of my pizza and a sip of my soda and then said some thing like this..."Hmm, interesting, I don't know about you, but if me and my little pea brain could understand everything there was to know about God...he'd be a pretty lame God and not worth following!"

It was a good little nugget to throw out there for them to think about, and to this day it has caused me to be so thankful that I don't know everything there is to know about God, and I never will...He is indescribable, and is so worthy of our Praise!

I came a cross this awesome video clip taking some excerpts from a sermon by the late S.M. Lockridge, that helps us put the amazing nature of our King into perspective...I don't understand Him, I can't comprehend His ways, I can't fathom His will, He is totally out of my league!

He's My King...Do you know Him?


  1. Very interesting post. I think finding a common interest such as skating allows everyone to relax and listen to each other. Young men and women want older adults to understand what is important to them and why it is important to them.

  2. Hang time was the best when we had it over the years. If we knew everything about God and understood it all, what would be the point of following God, like you said in the article. we would think "oh we know what God is all about but we can do better than that" we would think we would be better. i remember that video from ISM. there is so much to Jesus that to understand it all, my brain would burst.

  3. Great insights Netter and Tricia...thanks for taking the time to add to the conversation...I appreciate it, and I know others do as well.