Monday, July 14, 2008

Malaysia Update

Well I'm about halfway through the week here in Malaysia and am having a wonderful time of teaching and training...I have had very little access to the internet so that's been frustrating but you have to adapt and be flexible right?

The students I have are amazing! In one setting I have students from...Malaysia, China, Philipines, Myanmar, Nepal, Brunai, India and Indonesia. Talk about an awesome mix of cultures and experiences, and multi-cultural passion for students, that is contagious!

The seminary is in Penang and is the most picturesque setting you can imagine...the picture on top is taken from my room and the one above is from right outside the chapel, and across from my teaching's spectacular!

The food has been great, and the discussion around principles of youth ministry has been even better.
In our strategy session one of the students asked for advice on ways that she can improve her ministry to the accident victims...I asked which accident? She said the Tsunami...She's from Sri Lanka and wants to start a youth ministry there! Unbelievable.

I appreciate your prayers it's really working...keep me in prayer as I speak at a big youth conference on saturday in Penang. I'll be speaking to several hundred students from all over Malaysia...3 sessions.

I'm trying to keep track of what God is teaching me and will probably have to report in terms of articles after I get home due to the lack of internet.
Thanks everyone!

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  1. thats so awesome to hear that Brent. Your in my prayers.