Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Malaysia Update

I've got a about a day an a half of teaching yet to go and it's been so much fun interacting and strategizing with passionate youth leaders from all over Southeast Asia.

Yesterday after class a few of the students invited me to go with them to see some sights in Penang, so after class we headed out to see what we could see.

Penang is a city that is known for it's mix of religions in one place, and I can attest to that as within a 10 minute ride we passed, Hindu and Buddhist Temples, tons of Mosques, three or four Christian churches, the Jehovah's Witness compound, the Mormon temple and even the Free Masons house. In fact the place where I'm staying overlooks what they call the "floating Mosque" and the 5:30am call to prayer that is a key part of Islamic culture wakes me up every's right outside my window!

The picture above is taken at the Burmese Buddhist Temple and is a good representation of where some of the students are from, as we were all pointing to our country on the globe...notice I'm pointing around the globe to the US.

There are 13 students in the class. Please pray for each of them as they seek to learn how to effectively reach the students in their culture.

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  1. that's me right there with the beanie haha i read your post "Amplified"
    awesome stuff there. Love FIF