Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home from Malaysia

Hey everyone, I made it home safe and sound from Malaysia. The trip home was pretty smooth except for a delay in NYC and then JFK losing my bag, but other than that no problems.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for me while I was away and for my family as they stayed home. It's so awesome to have such a supportive group of friends and family backing us up every time I'm away and even when I'm home...Thank You!

I'm still catching up from my jet-lag as my body feels like it's only 12:00 noon but it's actually past midnight as I'm writing this...I hope I catch up soon.

The picture above is the name of the youth ministry where I spoke at the "Fishhooks" Conference in Penang, Malaysia. The conference was all about learning how to evangelize in such a way that we become fish hooks for Jesus. I love the by-line of their motto..."Famous in Heaven...Feared in Hell!" Too Cool!

I'll tell you what, the passion I saw in that conference was contagious! These students have friends who not only don't know Jesus, they are from families whose traditions are steeped in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and many other religions that are not only represented there on the island, but massive temples and mosques have been erected to the honor of their gods.

I visited several of the temples and mosques while I was there, and will write more about that later...Please pray for the students from the seven churches that were represented at Fishhooks conference from all over Penang, that they would really apply their faith, and live for Jesus on the front line...Famous in Heaven...Feared in Hell! I love it!

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