Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Be The Change" Seminar Series

“Be the Change” Seminar Series
Presenter – Brent Carl, M.S., BCCC

1. Personal Leadership Development
“God has given you each some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other”
(1 Peter 4:10 LB)

The purpose of this seminar is to help you discover your own unique style as a leader,
and based on the findings begin to lead through passion and giftedness . We will utilize 2
assessment tools to help determine how God has designed us as leaders, and seek to gain
an understanding of how others are designed as well.

Our goal is to discover some specific ways in which we can make a lasting Impact for
God's glory through our leadership.

You will discover:
• How to fulfill God’s plan to make a lasting impact with your life
• Your own unique gifts, impact style and talents
• How to put passion to work in specific areas
You will receive:
• Seminar notes
• Spiritual gifts discovery guide
• Personality profile

2. Forum Discussion - "Closing The Gap"
In the past thirty years, American churches have seen an explosion in the number of
youth ministries that are available. Christian Colleges are offering degrees in Youth
Ministry, and more and more students are graduating as professional Youth Pastors. The
majority of the focus of these programs is on the development of age specific ministries
for the church. In other words, many of these Youth Pastors are trained to focus
specifically on either children’s ministry (typically through 6th grade) or youth ministry
(typically through 12th grade).

The underlying assumption that the church has as they hire a professional youth
Pastor is that the Biblical truths that are imparted over the period of years that the student
is involved in the youth ministry will be applied for a life time, and will result in church
attendance and involvement consistently throughout the students’ lives. It is a good
assumption and is definitely a driving force with most Youth Pastors, but it is becoming
more and more obvious that once a student graduates from High School they “graduate”
from church involvement until sometime in their early 30’s.

The churches that have invested in youth ministry are seeing this problem as well as those churches who have done no intentional youth ministry focus.

At the "Closing The Gap" Forum we will focus on the 2 questions "Why the gap?" and
"How can the gap be closed?"

Brent Carl did his Master's Degree thesis work around this topic and his research and
conclusions will serve as a backdrop for this discussion.

3. Growing a Healthy Youth Ministry

"Healthy Things Grow", this statement is true of many things such as plants, bodies,
relationships and Youth Ministries...The goal of any youth ministry should be health not
numbers. The bi-product of health will be numerical growth but should not be done at
the expense of health.

This seminar is designed for...
* Youth Pastors
* Volunteer Youth Leaders
* Church Leaders who are considering starting a youth ministry

This seminar looks at the Biblical model of ministry and how the principles that are
spelled out in Scripture take shape in Growing a Healthy Youth Ministry.

4. Missionary or Tourist? - Training Your Team for Mission Impact

In this seminar we take a look at who we are and how God has uniquely designed us for
ministry. The seminar includes some tools that help each team member turn the mirror
on themselves and discover how God has designed them and what that means as they
launch out into ministry.

We look at Spiritual Gifts, Personality Styles, God-given abilities, Different experiences
we've had and try to understand how God could most effectively use the whole package
for His glory in ministry (whether it be short term trip or long term ministry life).
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