Monday, February 11, 2008

Youth Emphasis Week - Louisville

Hey everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know what I'm doing and where I am this week so you can be praying.

I arrived in Louisville on Sunday to take part in several things on the campus of Boyce College & Southern Seminary as they host the 1st annual International Youth Emphasis week (click on the title above for a web link) Here's what it's comprised of...

* The Center for Youth Ministry (CYM) directors from 5 of our 6 represented countries (Ukraine, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Cuba) are teaching classes in the Youth Ministries department at Boyce College this week.
* The CYM directors are also speaking in churches during the week
* I'll be teaching 3 classes while I'm here (2 tomorrow 9am & 4pm) then 9am on wednesday
* I'll be involved in the ICYM advisory board meeting on tuesday as well as the YMI banquet on tuesday night
* I may also be preaching in a church on wednesday night as well
* I'm also working out the details for when I'll be in Malaysia in a few months...Besides teaching in the seminaries in Penang & Kuala Lumpur there is youth conference that is being planned while I'm there that they want me to speak at, so we're figuring out those details as well.

So, it's a busy week with alot of potential exposure for the directors as well as the students into what YMI is all about and how huge the needs are in the world of Youth Ministry training worldwide.

I've already made several good contacts for potential trainers, and I'd really appreciate your prayers as I teach tomorrow and wednesday. My topics are...

* Am I called to Youth Missions?
* Teaching in a cross cultural classroom

Thanks everyone I appreciate your prayerful support!

Serving Him,

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  1. hey Brent, you should come to Columbus, you're only like 4 hours away. Sounds like you're in the middle of a cool week. I'll definitely pray for you.