Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lincoln - "MY Friend"

Please pray for Lincoln, one of our Youth Majors in Kenya, if you followed my blog when I was in Kenya in December you heard me talk about Lincoln. He is just one of the thousands of people who are being effected by the violence in Kenya...Here's an excerpt from my blog to give some context on Lincoln.

• Sylvester and I then went back to the church to tie up some loose ends, and when we pulled into the church, there were about 10 guys hanging out under the BTC tree…

These were guys I hadn’t seen before and they definitely had a rough look to them…Sylvester said that they were street kids who dropped out of school, had no place to go and just slept wherever they could and just ran the streets all the time…

2 of his youth leaders had begun a ministry reaching out to them, and there they were hanging out at the church waiting for their “Youth Pastors” to show up. Sylvester told me that Lincoln and Richie were the guys that minister to them and that they view them as their Pastors…Lincoln is maybe 19 and Richie is probably about the same age…2 of Sylvester’s guys that he’s trained to reach out and minister to the needs of the kids in his community!

Sylvester had to grab some stuff in his office so he said “you can just wait in my office if you want, but I wanted to meet them so I said, “is it ok if I hang out with them?” He said “ok just don’t carry anything valuable”! I walked up to them and said “hey guys what’s up?” and they looked at me like I was some sort of freak (which, of course I am!)…I soon realized that they didn’t know any English because they dropped out of school and have been running the streets…

So I thought to myself “I have to connect with these guys somehow”…then I remembered that Sylvester said that Lincoln and Richie were their “Pastors”, so I said with a questioning kind of tone “Lincoln…Richie?” as if to say do you know them?

Everyone of them stopped what they were doing and looked at me with looks on their faces as if to say “why…what did you do to them?” I then made a fist and placed it over my heart and tapped my chest three times and said “my friends’…well, they just broke into huge smiles and started doing that as well and saying “Lincoln & Richie…My friends”…

It was really cool how their attitude towards me changed in an instant when I “dropped the names” of 2 youth leaders who these guys respect…Sylvester came out of his office and we were playing basketball and having a good time, and he was smiling from ear to ear!

Check out a recent e-mail Lincoln sent me...

Hi brent!!

How are you doing buddy? it's my hope that you are doing fine, as for me am doing good despite what is happening to our beautiful Kenya.In school there's tension and we almost called off the session but people are still holding on.

Too bad Silvester was unable to come over there i learnt about it on Sunday coz i went back home for the church service.But i know that God will provide another chance for him.

Please don't feel sorry for me when i tell you this i don't like it when one pities me when i went back home it was on a Saturday the very same day Silvester was suppose to fly out i found my house was my house no more all my things were at my fathers house and somebody else had taken my house.You know where i live it's a companies house where by the works are given houses by the company so my dad got me one wooden house 10 by 10 feet and it's very old but it's mine no more i spent a night in a room that had 14 people inside and it was so small,thank God am in school coz i came back the following morning but i Will be going back after 2 weeks i don't know what will happen.The people who took my house work the company but they used to live in an area that is no longer safe for them since they are works of the company i had nothing to say.

But in all ways i still feel blessed.Am in school now it's around 9:30pm and am preparing my self to preach in the evening fellowship in our school i will talking about What God looks for in a so excited.

Pray for me bro i need God to provide a place for me in two weeks.

Brother in Christ


Below is a picture of the street kids that Lincoln ministers to.

I'm continually amazed at the faith of my Kenyan brothers and sisters!

Thanks for praying with me.

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