Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ukraine Update - 1/24-25/2008

Bachelors of Youth Ministry Program - Kiev Theological Seminary - Freshman Class

Left to Right – Back to Front

Row 1 – Misha, Kolya, Maxim, Maxim, Andrey, Vasya, Petya, Sergey

Row 2 – Sasha, Kolya, Lena, Ira, Sasha, Lyova, Ilya, Yegor, Volodya

Row 3 – Brent, Natasha, Diana

These students Love God & Love teenagers which is a powerful combination! They need our prayers as they continue to learn and grow not only in their faith but also in the skills needed to be excellent youth leaders!

I've been using all kinds of examples to encourage them that what they are doing in youth ministry is so critically important. Many of them were really moved the other day when I showed the "Last Painting" Video clip and shared with them that without the clear descriptive words on the screen (Natasha Translated)to help guide us in what the artist's true purpose was for the painting, we'd be left up to our own conclusions...some would get it, some wouldn't...The descriptive words represent our role as youth leaders in the lives of students...speaking truth into the canvas of confusion and chaos that is youth culture.

I encourage you to watch the video below and ask God to help you be a descriptor of God's truth to those you come in contact with. I also ask you to keep our newest class in your prayers...I've listed their names so you can have a clearly defined picture in your mind of some of the leaders that God is going to use to continue His work in the lives of Young People in Eastern Europe.


  1. Hey Brent--I am so excited for you and your family. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Nice pic, Brent. Thanks!! :)