Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ukraine Update - 1/23/2008


Today was a very good day! Besides being National Pie Day (which is one of my favorite days of the year…especially when Banana cream is involved). We had an amazing discussion in class today.

I used a similar angle as yesterday, in that I showed an inspirational video clip (see clip above) to set the context for the discussion.

There were a lot of terms and concepts to go over again so I wanted to remind them of the importance of their critical role as a Youth Leader.

The fact is that because of our sin the perfect relationship that man once had with God has been severed, and God desires to have that relationship remedied, but can’t because He is Holy and we’re not…So that’s why He sent His son to pay our penalty and bring us back in relationship with Him.

The enemy is doing all he can to hinder the reconciliation. He sends all kinds of distractions, temptations, traps & empty lies to lure us away…It’s a battle field!

That’s where we as Youth Leaders find ourselves, speaking truth into the lives of the teens we work with so they will realize their need for God’s truth & love over the enemy’s lies & hate.

I asked them to identify teens that they know that are struggling with the lies that are represented in the skit, and then write down the names in their notebooks and commit to pray for those students! Then I showed the clip…

It was awesome to watch them as they identified with temptations that were being portrayed and wrote down name after name in their notebooks…they were really into it…the best part of the exercise was when the character playing God in the skit bursts in to the scene and holds back the assailants & finally restores relationship with the student…talk about a powerful moment that really helped to set the stage for a lively interactive discussion not just about Youth Culture, but also about how important our role is in within it.

I was very honest with them when I said there will be times in youth ministry when you feel like giving up. The teens don’t get you, the parents are mad you, the church is tired of you, and the enemy still hates you! In those moments though we need to always remember who we are in Christ & who He’s called us to reach, because it truly is a battle!

I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the clip if you haven’t already, and remind yourself how unfathomable God is and let what He did for you change the way you look at Him, and the way you look at people today.

I don’t know about you, but the fact that Jesus is in the ring battling for me every day is an awesome picture.

He not only loves me…HE FIGHTS FOR ME!

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