Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kenya Update

Kenya 2007


• Arrived in Nairobi around 8:30pm
• Delayed for an hour waiting for my bags to be unloaded from the very crowded plane
• 10pm made my way to my party who was waiting with a big name card and even bigger smiles! Sylvester, Pastor Christopher and the driver were there to welcome me to “Kenya, the land of a thousand surprises” – ha ha ha they then bellowed (I wonder what they were bellowing about, I think I’ll soon find out)
• 11pm – I arrived at the Hampton House in Nairobi where I spent the night because it is not safe to travel at night outside the city
• I slept very well


• I was picked up at The Hampton House by Sylvester and Willie (my driver for the week) at 10am
• We had some details to take care of in the city (reservations for the safari, hotel and exchanging money into Kenyan Schillings)
• Willie asked me if I wanted to drive in Nairobi as it would be a “cultural experience” I wouldn’t want to miss – I respectfully declined when I saw that the steering wheel was on the right, they drive on the opposite side of the road, and the road was full of crazy drivers…other than the first 2 things it reminded me of NYC (I kind of felt right at home)
• We left Nairobi about noon and drove north about 45 minutes to Ruiru where Sylvester lives and where the camp will be.
• We checked in to the BTL (Bible Literacy Translation)Guest Facility in Ruiru where I’ll be staying until 12/9
• It is a nice facility with rolling green grass & plenty of palm trees & beautiful floral gardens.
• Willie will pick me up and drop me off every day at BTL which is very convenient.
• Things I saw today…
o People carrying heavy bags of fruit, grain and whatever else they could manage on top of their heads (We were stuck in traffic in Nairobi at one point and a guy was trying to get through and was yelling at Willie and he said “what do you want me to do put the car on my head and carry it through the traffic?” Sylvester and I just laughed and laughed at that.
o A motor scooter with a “milk crate” type box on the back carrying about 15 chickens
o Children everywhere in the streets, along the roads, in the fields just hanging out, playing with sticks, rocks, or whatever else they can find.
o 2 little children (maybe 2 and 3) sitting along side the very busy highway as we passed by (where are their parents? Do they even have any? It was very moving
o Kenyan power outage (I guess it happens quite often and usually right in the middle of a very long e-mail that you are composing…hmmm, hey at least I have access to the internet where I’m staying…I’m just going to write all of my correspondence first offline and then go online to copy and paste it and hope for the best)
o Sylvester’s church (Ruiru Baptist Church)
o The cement floors where all of the campers who will be attending next week will be sleeping (they are coming from all over Kenya for the camp)
o Sylvester house/room where he and his wife & 2 little children live (it’s attached to the youth building on the property of the church)


• 9am – I will be attending the church service at Ruiru Baptist Church and take part in whatever they want me to…I don’t have to preach this week, but will have that opportunity next Sunday

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