Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kenya Update - 12/9/2007


• 9am I got picked up at BTL and taken to the church
o Sylvester asked me to preach at the youth class so I put something together and shared with a packed house! There wasn’t an empty seat in the place…kids were coming from all directions, many of them were at camp last week but I’d say the majority of them weren’t.
o I shared about Jesus and his interaction with Jairus who came to him with a specific request to have Jesus come and heal his daughter…we looked at the complicated levels represented in the story…things like…
 He was a Synagogue Ruler seeking out Jesus in broad daylight (Very Risky)
 The crowds around Jesus were intense but he got through anyway
 Jesus starts to come with him and a woman touches his cloak so he stops and “wastes time” with her…meanwhile his daughter dies
 There were many other levels of complexity in the story but the point I tried to hammer home was that whether Jesus is your first option or last resort don’t let anything stop you from getting to him.
 The illustration I used was that just like a cell phone is complicated with all kinds of features and tools and stuff that may make you just put it on the shelf…all you really need to know is “WHO TO CALL and HOW TO CALL” – They really responded to that!

• After the youth class, I joined the rest of the church (already in progress) because I was talking to so many teens and leaders after youth class…it was so great to talk about the lesson and how it applies to their lives!
• One of the guys who was in the class is a great friend of Sylvester’s…they grew up together and Sylvester told me the other day (he also came one day to the leadership seminar) that he has yet to receive Christ as his Savior, and he has had such a burden for him since they were kids…He was listening and laughing and interacting with the talk and I could see Sylvester watching him the whole time (I’m sure he was praying for him during the message as well)…His name is Eric, please pray for him as you think of it!
• When I got in to the church again it was just like last week…young people leading everywhere I looked (songs, prayer, testimonies, offering, more testimonies)…the only things led by adults as far as I could see were the 3 ladies that sang a special number and me preaching the morning message.
• Sylvester interpreted for me during the message because even though the majority of the people speak English there are still a few that only speak Swahili…I had a blast! Several times Sylvester was laughing so hard that he couldn’t interpret as he was tracking so much with the message, because even though many understand English it takes them a little while to get used to the mannerisms and idiosyncrcies that we bring to the language…Sylvester has been speaking it so long, and been around so many Americans that he “gets me” (which isn’t easy to do) and then when he interpreted how, what I said would look in Swahili, the people “got me” as well…We had a wonderful time delivering God’s word to the people…Many people came up to me afterwards and said how they had such a good time learning God’s word and having fun at the same time!
• I hung around for a while and greeted people, then my driver came and took me back to BTL to rest.
• I’m checking out of BTL tomorrow morning and am going to go to the orphanage for a while and hang out with the kids, and then I’m going to the Hampton house in Nairobi for one night as we wait for Randy Smith (The President of YMI) to arrive…then Randy and I will go up to Kenya Baptist Theological College for the week to be involved in classes, chapels and the Youth Pastor Graduation on Friday! It’s going to be an incredible week.
• I am going to miss the kids at Ruiru Baptist Church but next Sunday Randy and I will be back at the church as He will have an opportunity to preach.

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  1. Hey Brent,
    Caught up on your posts from over the weekend. What a great way to start my day! I am so inspired by the kids and their leaders. Remembering how EASY I really do have it - no whining for me today! Blesings as you move on the "be the change" at youth pastor school!
    Peace, Jill