Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kenya Update - 12/8/2007


• 8:30am – I was picked up at BTL and taken over to the church for the closing ceremony at the camp
• It was a very fun and energetic program, as the kids presented, the leaders presented and Sylvester presented, all in a way to help bring closure to an awesome week of camp! He shared that after counting all the commitment cards there were 9 salvations and 29 dedications to the Lord! He was ecstatic and the whole place erupted! That’s what it’s all about!
• Before the program started a bunch of the kids were sitting under the BTC tree so I got in the middle of them and said “hey everyone, surround me” they came running and I got a great picture with them. “As the shot was being taken I reminded them that in Christ we are on big family! They all cheered and smiled at that!
• The Pastor came up and gave a closing word, and he thanked me for sharing God’s Word with the campers, and asked me to thank everyone back home for their sacrifices that allowed me to come to Kenya and minister to them…I assured him that I would and that many people have been praying! He then said that in Kenya there are many kinds of flowers, and they symbolize blessing from God, and there is a tradition in spring that when the breezes blow and the flower petals and seeds are flying everywhere that it symbolizes God’s blessing spreading to all people…he then had everyone open their hands likes flowers and on the count of three close their fingers and then fling them open and make a whooshing sound to symbolize them sending blessings to me and my family…it was a neat moment and I actually got a great picture of them doing that to remember it.
• Sylvester then invited me to come back up one more time and add any closing thoughts I had and close in prayer…I reiterated my thoughts from yesterday about the next generation of world changers emerging from under the BTC tree, and how I have been so blessed to be a part of it with them! I then prayed and asked God to bless them and we were done…They didn’t want to leave though! I got lots of pictures with kids, and leaders…It was an awesome end to an awesome week of camp.
• Thank you to all of you who were praying for God to do great things…He did!

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