Saturday, November 3, 2007

Prayer Needed

Just a quick note to let you know that we could use your prayer in a few areas...

1. Tomorrow from 2-4pm we'll be holding an open house at our home in Rochester. We have an opportunity to move into a mission house here locally while we continue to raise support, but need to sell our house ASAP.

- If you could pray with us for a fast sale at what we're asking that would be awesome. We really don't have much room to go down in price and still be able to pay our realtor and pay off the bank, so we'd appreciate your prayers for that.

- Here's a link to our house so you can get a visual - just click on the link and type in 91 Clardale in the search box

2. My time on staff at Lakeshore is coming to an end, I'll be on staff until the end of the year.

- Our current support level is at about 40% so having the additional money from Lakeshore has been very helpful, but in a few weeks we'll be relying totally on support (another reason why a speedy sale of our house is really important, as the mission house opportunity is a rent free opportunity!)

- Please pray for God to continue to work in the hearts of individuals and churches to join our regular monthly support team!

3. In about 3 weeks I leave for Kenya to speak at a Youth Camp north of Nairobi, (I'll be speaking 8 times to the students "Be The Change" is the theme)... I'll also preach in a local church, and teach at a 4 day youth leader gathering (I'll be doing a seminar entitled "Effective Leadership")...and take part in the KBTS graduation of their Youth Pastor majors! It's going to be a very busy 3 weeks that will be capped off by a 3 day safari from Kenya into Tanzania and back!

- Please pray for safety and open hearts as I share God's word with the people in Kenya.

- I also found out that the seminary has need of a video projector for use with teaching the students...if the Lord lays it on someone's heart to help provide this tool for the students in Kenya, I could take it with me when I go and what a huge blessing that will be. Let me know if this is something you want to be a part of.

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