Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Day After...A Baptism Story

I have been blessed to be in full time ministry for 28 years and I can honestly say that it's been an incredible ride and I have no regrets!
I love seeing people's lives being touched and changed forever by the gospel and I love being a part of helping them grow in their new found faith in God. 
Seeing a person accept Christ as their Savior and then follow Him in obedience is a wonderful thrill that never gets old.
When a person follows the next step with Jesus an gets baptized well, then it takes the excitement to a whole new level. That's exactly what happened at our church last Sunday as we saw five people proclaim their love for Jesus and do the same thing that He did while on the earth...Get Baptized!
Christine Hawley is one of the people who got baptized and I've asked her to be a guest blogger and share her reflections on what this awesome experience meant to her...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Learn, Earn & Serve

I returned recently from my second mission's trip to Senegal with my church and just like last year, it was AMAZING!
God is at work big time in Senegal and it's such a privilege to be a part of the team going and serving the Lord.
One of the highlights for me on each trip is engaging in the devotional times with my teammates. 
Each person who shares brings challenging insights and concepts from their walk with God and it's always very encouraging to all of us. 
This year had the same effect on all of us and one of the devotions was especially meaningful and challenging but was given by Pamela Moffitt entitled "Learn, Earn & Serve."
I asked if she would be a guest author on my blog and she graciously accepted. So, here is her challenging thought for all of us. Thank you Pamela!

Learn + Earn + Serve as a Shareholder = Mountaintop Experiences!

First, thank you for taking the time to read the following thoughts. This began as devotion in Senegal and has grown into what I have written here. I do believe it is what God has shown me and taught me through Team Senegal.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Guide Me

When my daughter was younger she and I went to a corn maze one beautiful fall day. 

It was in response to an advertisement that I heard talking about how the corn maze was a fun and family centered activity that all ages would enjoy, (plus I knew they had the best cider and donuts around, so we went.)

When we got there it was an amazing fall day and at first glance the advertisement was right on, everywhere I looked I saw families having fun and enjoying themselves, and my daughter and I were joining right in (especially when my donuts arrived).

Everything was great that is until we entered the maze. This is where the fun stopped in a shrieking halt! I say shrieking because that's exactly what my 2 year old daughter and I heard around every corner of this HAUNTED CORN MAZE!